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Retro Caravan NFC/GPS Anti Theft Protection Pack

Retro Caravan NFC/GPS Anti Theft Protection Pack

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The perfect companion for your caravan security suite. These pre-programmed NFC tags will when scanned provide ownership details in the event of theft or loss.

The tags should be hidden in a location that only you know and can be accessed through wood, fabric and fibreglass from a distance of about 5cms. It works a lot like a contactless payment in the shops.

Many insurance companies will not insure your retro import, this just adds a level of comfort that could be used in the event of police recovery.

You walk up to your vehicle and scan in your secret location. it's that simple.

No wiring and no batteries to forget about. The tag draws the power from the phone that is scanning the tag.

These tags are also a great addition to a GPS tracker if you have one installed. With a GPS tracker you can likely recover your vehicle much sooner and prove your ownership with your tag.


Pack includes:

Visible anti-theft window sticker
2 Pre-programmed NFC tags (programmed with your name, address and contact details.)